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Fine Skin LLP is a premier healthcare technology & services company providing value-added end to end revenue cycle management services to physician groups, health systems .

We offer results with improved cash flow, efficient processes and customer service for healthcare and medical practice. In addition to high proficiency in a multitude of EPM systems, our proprietary Billing Practice Management Software provides state of the art technology and analytics that are unmatched in the industry.


Denial Management

Analysis of denials and partial payments is done by our senior medical billing specialists. Payors, patients, providers, facilities and any other participants are called to..

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Payment Posting

Scanned EOBs and checks are sent to our team. All payments are entered into the system. The amounts from EOBs/checks and amounts posted in the..

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Claim Submission

Claims are submitted electronically via the practice management system. However, we can process paper claims also. At this stage, a thorough quality check is done..

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Very accomplished services! Thanks again.
Dr Renuka H Bhatt
Dr Renuka H Bhatt
Fine Skin Dermatology